Cost containment and risk management. If you don’t have these in relation to your company’s global travel spend, you’re sunk. But with TWIN and its vast network of travel professionals as your partners, your company can survive and thrive through these challenging economic times. Our organization includes a retail chain of more than 3,000 independently owned travel agencies in 14 countries that generates more than 15 billion dollars annually in travel industry sales. With 40 years of staying power in a volatile industry, we put all of our resources and the power of global consolidated travel management in your back pocket.


We understand that your mission, every day, is to expertly manage travel, the second largest expense for many corporations today. It’s your responsibility to control and reduce this line item, while providing efficiency and safety to your corporation’s employees as they traverse the globe to conduct business.


TWIN offers the following benefits to your company:


  • Worldwide network of travel management companies
  • Multinational account management through local, in-country contacts
  • 24-hour global emergency travel assistance
  • Global preferred rate hotel program
  • Policy-compliant corporate booking engine
  • Travel data consolidation
  • Preferred supplier programs


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