At any given time, a corporation will have numerous employees in various stages of the Business Travel Flow. We have the technology and personnel to assist you in cost-effectively facilitating each phase of the travel process and managing those diverse elements into a consolidated travel program that the C-suite will approve of and appreciate.


Pre-Trip: Technology to ensure each trip is planned in accordance with your travel policy and designated budgets 


Product Selection:

  • Concur Travel  - an online corporate booking tool and industry leader
  • TRAVELSAVERS Global Hotel Program features negotiated rates  and BAR in 124 countries, and amenities-rich offerings and 20,000 hotels—budget to luxury
  • traveltix our air consolidator provides access to inventory of leading international carriers
  • tripXpress a net hotel booking engine with 100,000 properties in 150 countries


Booking: Concur Travel and their mobile app provide immediate access to travel itineraries


Travel: 24/7 Global Emergency Travel Service—Travel Helpline is an industry leader and in satisfaction and call response time


Review: GRASP Technologies provides cutting edge management, integration, intelligence and consolidation solutions to clients of all sizes—both inside and outside of travel



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